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About the Cause

Gardens 4 Humanity (G4H) is a community-driven food justice organization that promotes economic, personal, and neighborhood empowerment, and health through education, urban gardening and local farm connections.

Gardens 4 Humanity is raising funds to support gardening and nutrition education in our community. We will achieve this by building gardens in community settings, constructing infrastructure to make these gardens usable, functional and comfortable, by hiring active community members to organize and educate the community about gardening skills, cooking skills and our local food system, and by strengthening our partnerships with other organizations through collaboration.

Mobile Teaching Kitchen - One of the main obstacles to community members to accessing the food system through gardening or local purchasing is the lack of easy-to-access cooking and nutrition education. This mobile kitchen will enable Gardens 4 Humanity and Community Chef Educators to bring education to neighborhoods and community centers.

The Mobile Kitchen will cost approximately $1000

Community Garden Hubs – Gardens need water, tool storage and a shady place for gardeners to rest. We will provide all of these needs through the construction of Community Garden Hubs at our garden sites. Each hub will consist of green-built pavilion using local and recycled materials, a small tool cupboard, a rain catchment system, a picnic table and possibly an outdoor cooking area such as a grill, BBQ or cob oven as determined by the community.

Each Hub will cost approximately $2000

Neighborhood Garden Coordinator – Gardens need gardeners. Many new community gardens struggle due to lack of organization, information and education. We will hire an active and knowledgeable community member for one gardening season at each site to provide gardening and cooking education. We will also provide training in these areas as need via the Gardens 4 Humanity and Community Chef training programs. This individual (or team of community members) will run regular programs at the gardens, provide outreach to their neighbors, facilitate regular maintenance tasks such as weeding, watering and harvesting, and will organize community events celebrating the accomplishments of the gardeners and sharing good food.

Each coordinator position costs $3000

Please help us reach our goal by particpating in our Pop-up Kitchens Challenge. Visit our first Pop-up Kitchen on September 22 at the Neighborhood Pride Grocery Store on 1st and Hancock in Ithaca’s Northside. Young people from all over Ithaca will be cooking in Gardens 4 Humanity’s 2nd annual Jr. Iron Chef Competition with the help of some local celebrity chefs. You can sample each dish prepared using local ingredients for a small donation and vote for your favorite. You can also sponsor one of the Jr. Iron Chefs directly here.

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